Wednesday, January 22, 2020

History and Response Sites of
Marion County Ambulance Service

Prior to February 1972, the Funeral Directors in Marion County provided ambulance services.  Upon their notification that they would no longer be providing this service, the Marion County Ambulance Service was established, with Charles Penner as the Director.  Business was conducted at the County Health Office in the Courthouse.

The County system was set up with two ambulances, one based in Marion and one based in Hillsboro, the two largest cities in the county.  It has expanded to include the following response sites and 80 volunteers:

Response Sites:

Several sites are located throughout Marion County to give the best coverage possible.  The following areas have a response team on call 24 hours a day:

City of Florence - Ambulance & Rescue Truck
City of Hillsboro - Ambulance
City of Marion - Ambulance & Rescue Truck
City of Peabody - Ambulance
City of Tampa - Ambulance
City of Lincolnville - First Responder
City of Burns - First Responder
City of Goessel - First Responder
City of Durham - First Responder