Saturday, May 23, 2015

MarionCounty EMS

 “May 2015” NEWSLETTER


May is the month that a lot of us look back and wonder “where did this month go to”??  Graduations, weddings, and the start to a lot of family vacations are just to name a few occasions to keep our families busy.

With our busy lifestyles and schedules we must not forget to remain SAFE!

1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times: Weather conditions, road conditions,road construction and traffic flows are some of the things to consider when responding to any run.

2. Pay strict attention to hazardous scenes: Downed power lines, fuel leaks,hazardous material, building or industrial areas under construction are just a few to watch for and identify ways to make a rapid egress should you need to escape quickly.

3. Take appropriate measures on violent scenes: Don’t try to be the hero! Wait at a safe distance for the police to clear the scene. Never follow a police car into a scene. What for the “All CLEAR” !

4. Wear safety gear: There is no excuse for not wearing your gloves, goggles,reflective vests, identifying uniforms and any other protective gear. Never take these items for granted. They are designed to reduce injuries and limit or stop exposure to blood borne pathogens and chemical exposures. By wearing safety gear you can also prevent transmission of diseases and exposures of hazardous materials to yourself and your loved ones.

5.  Always operate your vehicle in a safe manner: There is never any excuse to drive in a manner that brings danger to yourself, your partner, your patient and the general public. DRIVE WITH DUE REGUARD AT ALL TIMES!!!!

6. PUT THE CELLPHONE AWAY:  PLAIN and SIMPLE! IT IS Dangerous!!!!!!!!!!! That text or conversation can wait.

7. Prevent Lifting injuries: Squat and use proper body mechanics. Lift with your legs, NEVER your back.  CALL FOR HELP if needed.



I can’t emphasize the importance of excellent patient reports and narratives. A well written narrative should paint a picture.

 The importance of a well-written narrative on the PCR cannot be overemphasized.  Here are a few of the specific areas to help improve all of our patient reports.

  • A complete, accurateand thorough description of the patient’s condition, & what happened.

  • The patient’s mobility status.

  • How the patient was moved to the stretcher, and whether the patient was able to assist with the transfer.

  • Medical necessity for the ambulance transport. Were other means of transportation contraindicated, and if so why?

  • What type of services did the patient require at the destination that were not available at the point of origin (for interfacility transfers).

  • Why was the patient transported to the particular destination?

  • Medical necessity for procedures performed (Not just what was done, but why was it necessary?)

  • Objective rather than subjective documentation of findings. (The facts, not unsupported conclusions.)

  • Pain scale documented for every mention of pain & location of pain.

  • Assignment of Benefits signature requirements met for 100% of transports, at the time ofservice. (This allows either a patient signature or that of a qualifying representative.)

  • Accurate documentation of odometer readings. These need to include the 1/10 of a mile.Don’t round up or down. (we understand that older model ambulances are not equipped with this option).

  • PCR’s carefully reviewed and signed by all transporting crew members.

    Obviously, highquality patient care documentation is an ABSOLUTE necessity from a compliance standpoint. EMS leaders must also remember that a complete and thorough PCR is really the only lasting evidence of good patient care.



    In honor of



    May 17th-23rd

  • I am immensely proud of our EMS family for the life-saving and life-changing care you all provide every day. You all face patients with sickness, trauma, tragedy and life-or-death situations every day with kindness, compassion and the utmost professionalism.


    I would like to say THANK YOU to:


    Melissa Arndt, Brendan Bailey, Barry Black, Aminda Brunner, Jesse Brunner, Nathan Brunner, Nathaniel Burnham, Arlene Busenitz, James (Dick) Carr, Eric Clay, Brian Clay, Joshua Clevenger,  Penny Coffman, Kelly Cook, Larry Cushenbery, Lynette Duerksen, Andre Ebaben Jr., Matthew Hein, Doctor Hodson, James Horinek,Norma Horinek, Brandon Hurt, Kyle Isaac, Shannon James, Delores Johnson, David Kaiser, Lester Kaiser Jr., Melissa Combs, JoAnn Knak, Karen Koehn, Stewart Koehn, Sherry Kohman, Karen Larsen, Larry Larsen, Loretta Looney, Kevin Marler, Mason McCarty, Wendy McCarty, Sandra Miller, Rusty Moss, Frances Mueller,Ronald Mueller, Juliana Neuwirth, Jana Nordquist, James Philpott, Craig Roble, Kimberly Ross, Gene Schmill, Amanda Shafer, Jamie Shirley, Gary Slater, Lloyd Spencer, Luke Steele, Ben Steketee, James Voth, Michael Wadkins, Susan Wadkins, Brian Whiteside, Tammy Whiteside, Mark Wiebe, Matthew Williams, Travis Wilson, Gene Winkler, Shawn Wunderlick, Scott Zogelman. **** And all the Firefightersthat are by our side*****

  • May Birthdays!

    Happy Birthday to the following:

    Aminda Brunner 5-3

    Jamie Shirley 5-6

    Arlen Busenitz 5-15

    Loretta Looney 5-22