Thursday, March 05, 2015

  February 2015

Marion Co. EMS Newsletter


Punxsutawney Phil see’s his shadow, Predicts six more weeks of winter. So bundle up, keep your hats and gloves handy and be ready for the COLD weather. 

Speaking of SHADOWS, Susan Watkins reports that Valarie Klassen has been Job Shadowing her in the EMS related field.  I had the chance to meet this young lady this week and she seems excited about her future, and was enjoying her day with Sue.  Good luck to her in her future. 

Last week I spent some time over in Hillsboro taking call and had a chance to go on an ambulance call with Kevin Marler.  He is a very skilled EMT and does a great job with patient care. It was great working with him. Thank You Kevin for your dedication to Marion Co. EMS and the community.

Nathan Cyr who is currently doing a work study program through Marion High School has cleaned and organized all the CPR manikins at the Marion Station. Luckily after all that he still wants to pursue the EMS field.

Marion Tiger Cubs (1st Graders) came to the Marion Ambulance station for a tour of the ambulances and enjoyed being Junior EMS cubs for the hour. I didn’t realize that little kids especially little boys had so many questions and energy.  These Tigers learned about the importance of knowing personal information such as their address, last name, and parent’s names other than MOM and DAD.  We also went over the importance of only calling 911 for emergencies. These young boys got to tour the ambulance, learned about AED’s and they recognized seeing these devices in their elementary school gyms. They even got a short story about the candy LIFESAVORS!   I still believe that the best part was the lights and sirens!!! 

With wet weather and country roads it seems almost impossible to keep our ambulances clean day to day. So let’s all do what we can to help out.  After each call, please tidy up and take out personal trash and remind your maintenance personnel if something is needed, or something needs repaired. Remember our ambulances should be SAFE, CLEAN, ORGANIZED and MAINTAINED in good working order and according to applicable expiration dates. 

So six more weeks until good weather Punxsutawney Phil says, it will be here before we know it. Keep up all the great work and know that it is a pleasure to have great people working for Marion Co. EMS.




Eric is an EMT-B and an AEMT Student. He has been working for Marion EMS since 2006. Although, has been doing EMS for 20 plus years. Eric lives in Florence with his wife Barbara. They have two children one boy and one girl.  Eric works days at Wrights Auto Sales and Service in Hillsboro, West view Manor in Peabody and is still a current member of the United States National Guard. Eric puts in many hours on the Florence Crew, and fills in for Hillsboro and Marion’s crews when needed.  THIS MAN IS A HARD WORKER because, when I asked him what he likes to do on his OFF time; his response was “WHAT TIME OFF??”  Eric did say that when he does find a few extra hours he likes to go fishing, work on his own things that need fixed, or just take a nap.  He said that his dream car would be an 82 Camaro with a modified 383 engine. 


February Reminders:   GUYS and GALS don’t forget that February 14th is Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy Birthday to the following:

Michael Wadkins 2-3

Melissa Arndt 2-5

Brian Whiteside 2-6

Ralp Leddy 2-10

Larry Cushenbery 2-15

Susan Wadkins 2-15

Shawn Wunderlick 2-20

Gene Schmill 2-27

Kevin Marler 2-28

DID YOU KNOW?? People born in February:

These people love to be in active jobs and careers. They seek jobs that require fast reaction, such as firefighting, ambulance work, or perhaps a career as a physician. They may not do well in daily routine and redundant jobs because they prefer constant change and transition.