Sunday, August 30, 2015

Marion County EMS

August Newsletter 2015




Please Welcome Jeanne Martanovic to the EMS FAMILY!


Jeanne Martanovic, who some of you may know from the Marion County Weed Department, has joined us as the new Office Manager. She has been with us for the past two weeks but has worked for the county since last November. She moved to Marion two years ago from Cleveland, Ohio where she worked as an Executive Assistant. She lives just outside of town and is enjoying the country lifestyle. Especially the fact that she gets to drive 4 miles to work, past beautiful scenery, without traffic!  It doesn't get much better than that.

Please stop by the EMS Office and introduce yourself.



EMR course schedule has been finalized and the paperwork for approval has been filed to the KBEMS for approval. We anticipate for the class to start in October and end in February. If interested please contact:

 Delores Johnson at 1-620-382-6651


Brandy McCarty at 1-620-381-3560.

For those who have mentioned they are interested, we will be sending out information as soon the class is approved.


Football season is right around the corner and standbys will be starting soon. Please go through your trauma bags and make sure that you have plenty of stock on hand for those sprains and bruises.  It has started out pretty warm and dehydration could also be an issue along with concussions.



Marion County EMS is looking for RN’s for INTER-FACILITY TRANSERS!

If you are or know of any RN’s looking for a way to make extra $$$$, have them call Marion County EMS for more information.


 Office MEMO!!!

Please be sure to get a face sheet from the hospital for receiving patients.  If it is a transfer from one hospital to another get a patient face sheet from the shipping hospital and send those to the office ASAP it can be the difference between receiving payment from the insurance before their PIP runs out and they become a self pay account.

Remember to record the details of a fall patient.  How did they fall and in what position you found them in.  Was there a reason that they fell?  Also document how you moved them from the position found and onto your cot.  This is important information not only for insurance and Medicare but to be sure that you didn’t cause other injuries that they may complain about after you turn them over to the ER.


Reminders: All EMS responders should be cleaning equipment and units after each call to be sure that the unit is sanitary for the next patient.  Sweeping the unit out and occasionally running a mop over the floor will make for less work if it is done after each call.  It has been tradition that if you do patient care then your partner is responsible for making sure the unit is ready for the next call.  There are people who receive compensation on the ambulance crews to maintain the stock checks for outdates and cleaning the unit, however it is all of our responsibilities to make sure that if you use something on a call to replace it.  PLEASE remember to CHECK the O2 to make sure it is full!!!!




In other news:

I have placed all the dates and times of each Marion County EMS crew meeting on this website. Please feel free to come to any crew meeting for continued education/ credits.  This is August so please remember if you need CEU's, the year is going by fast.

Thank you to each and every single person that devotes time and energy for Marion County EMS. Without you all, this volunteer service wouldn't exist.

Hope you all have had a great summer.


Happy August Birthday the following:

Ronald Mueller 8-9

James Voth 8-13