Sunday, January 25, 2015

Marion Co. EMS January 2015 Newsletter

I hope your holiday season was wonderful. Now that it is January and it's time when a lot of us reassess our busy lives and think about what we want to accomplish in the NEW YEAR. With that in mind I have some NEW YEARS NEWS.

I would like to announce the newly nominated Marion co. EMS Advisory Board of Directors. Gene Winkler, Larry Larsen, Wendy McCarty, Lester Kaiser, and Mathew Williams. These individuals were nominated by our Marion Co. EMS Volunteers. and have accepted the position. We hope to work together and positively move forward with future goals and achievements to better Marion Co. EMS. I personally look forward to the future.

Marion Co. EMS has a new CPR Instructor Trainer. Please when you see Mrs. Susan Wadkins please congratulate her on this achievement. A big pat on the back is needed. Or if you know Sue personally give her a big HUG!!!!

Loretta Looney, Sue Wadkins, Rusty Moss and I will be attending a TO 1 class coming up February 10th and 11th.

JoAnn Knak was in the EMS office today and said she was impressed with her EMT-B class and has high hopes for them to finish up by April.  She said this group is a motivated class and will be great EMT's. She also enjoyed seeing others as they came in to get CEU's.

Nathan Cyr a senior at Marion High School is doing a work study program for Marion Co. EMS. He is planning to enroll in a Fire Science/Paramedic program once he graduates this year. He is currently doing some organizing at the ambulance station along with some cleaning, inventory, and many other helpful job duties. He is a great young man and he will make a awesome paramedic someday.  He doesn't know it yet but I have put him in charge of cleaning and organizing the CPR manikins. 

                                                                                                                    EMS SPOT LIGHT!!

I would like to start out this new year with an EMS "Spot Light" section of the news letter. Every month I would like for someone to call in with a nomination of someone they feel have gone above and beyond in what they do for Marion Co. EMS.  This month I would Like to give the SPOT LIGHT to:


Jamie is the Marion Co. EMS Office Manager. Jamie started working for Marion Co. EMS in 2004. She is married to Bill Shirley and they live on a farm here in Marion.  Jamie has two beautiful daughters, McKenzee 16, Katie 26, and a handsome son Torey 28. On Jamie's spare time you might find her up in a deer blind because her other love besides her family is bow hunting. She also likes to search for arrowheads if the weather permits. However, when the weather is cold she will be inside doing scrapbooking. Every morning Jamie arrives to work with a big smile and voice her "good mornings". She is organized to the "T" and does a great job with showing me the ropes. I couldn't have taken this job without her help. She is a very dedicated lady, and often I find her working early in the morning or staying late in the day to finish up. So I would like to say THANK YOU JAMIE for everything you do. Marion Co. EMS appreciates YOU!!


Barry Black 1-11

Tammy Whiteside 1-11

Lynette Duerksen 1-18

Juliana Neuwirth 1-22

Shannon James 1-23

Matthew Williams 1-31


EMS treats approximately 25-30 million people each year In the USA

The expenditures of such treatment cost about $6.75 billion a year for those 25-30 people

There are about 7000,000 EMS personnel in the USA

There are less EMS employees currently than there was prior to Sept. 11,2001

About 50% of EMT-Basics are volunteers gaining their field internships

About 5% of Paramedics are not paid for their work

Around 40% of EMS personnel are employed with fire departments

70% if all EMS employees are male

EMS employees are unhealthy eaters