Thursday, October 23, 2014

Marion County
Emergency Medical Services

June Newsletter 2014

Summer is Here Put on your Swim Wear!!

Oh Well On Second Thought!

Hope everyone has some great plans for their summer and family time.  I know of a few people in the AEMTclass that wish they were done with the class so that they could enjoy some time off.  We are planning to test those AEMTstudents on July 17th in Winfield. Wish them luck and if you have a spare minutes to allow them to practice on you, come on over on Tuesday or Thursday evening at the Marion City Building Basement.


Paige E Hatcher, MD has agreed to become our new medical directorand paperwork has been sent to the KBEMS. Her office is in the St. Lukes Physician Clinic at this time and she is more than happy help with training and get actively involved in our service.  Paige wishes to be very active in Marion County EMS and has agreed to allow us to give out her cell phone number to those of you that need to obtain medical direction for medications or orders.  Contact the office if you need her cell number.  We will be sitting down to discuss a change in our SSI Spinal Immobilization protocols.  As many of you who are actively involved in EMS they are considering changing the requirements to fully immobilizing trauma patients to keep them from being strapped to a LSB for extended periods oftime.  C-Collars are still required!!!


I am also working on changing the protocols for the BLS side of CPR to CCR.  This would mean that if two BLS responders are called to a code blue and they are short handed with no ALS provider available they may start chest compressions and apply an AED as soon as possible with an OPA if accepted by patient and 15 LPM NRB mask for airway.  With rapid transport so as to not delay ALS interventions at the hospital. This is being practiced in many of our surrounding counties and the exact wording and direction still needs to be worked out.  With the lack of staffing during daytime call hours this event could be a possibility in many of our communities. 


Recruitment continues to be a priority for Marion County EMS.  Our numbers are falling in all communitiesand the ability to provide a volunteer service is fading rapidly.  I ask all of you to join us in recruitingpeople from your community that would be willing to become certified as an EMRor EMT in the upcoming September classes. Class times can vary according to the number of participants and theirlocations. 

People responding to the Burns area will notice that we haveseveral EMT and EMR responders in that area again.  Most of the Burns Fire Department has beentraining to become EMT’s and have passed their state boards.  Congratulations to the Burns community andtheir Fire Department for their dedication to helping those in need.

The changes to our EMS charts system seems to be going okay however, we are finding more and more technicians are waiting until they get home to finish their reports.  This can lead to a delay in finishing those reports because they either:  put them off and/or forget to do them, (simply sleep once and the memory of having a call seems to disappear). We must remember that the quicker we get the EPCR done the faster Jamie can get them billed to insurance and any delay in finishing those reports can lead to lost revenue for the service because either the hospital or another EMS provider maxs out the PIPP and now the balance of the bill has to be paid for by the patient.  As we all know from our own experiences that this reimbursement can take a while due to our economy.  Please remember that these reports need to be done and turned in to our office within twenty-four hours of the call.  Many insurance companies and hospitals are calling us for copies of those reports and it is very hard to tell them that our technician has not turned it in to us. Just because you gave a copy of your report to the nurse in the ER does not mean that it got to the records office of the hospital.  Often it was attached to their chart and nocopies are made of this for the hospital office staff. 

Please stay safe and enjoy the summer!!!!!

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 Thanks to each and every one of you for your dedication to your services and I look forward to the coming year knowing that once we finish the transition training we will be able to provide a better level of care to the residents of MARION COUNTY.