Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Marion County
Emergency Medical Services



March Newsletter2014

The EMS Appreciation dinner will be held March 1st inthe basement of the Marion City Building. Sign-in will be held at 1800 hours and the meal will begin at 1830hours.  Weather is expected to be movinginto the area sometime that evening. Every time we try to plan this event weather seems to be in theforecast.  There will be door prizes forEMS personel and you must sign-in to qualify for a door Prize.  Years of service recognition will bepresented after the meal and some entertainment has been scheduled aswell.  If you have a game that you wouldlike to bring to share you are more than welcome to bring that as well.

Training will be held on the 1st of March at the Marion CityBuilding Basement.  The training willbegin with AEMT training on medications and application of medication accordingto Marion County Protocols at 0900 hours and ending at 1200 hours.  Lunch is provided for those attending themorning training session.  AEMT, EMT, andEMR’s are invited to attend the afternoon training for Cardiac Arrest andArtificial Ventilation Management beginning at 1300 hours and ending at 1700hours.  Snacks and drinks provided forthe training. 

I have to express my thanks to each and every one of you whosacrifice your time to help your communities. It is becoming more and more rare to find the type of people that arewilling to take time away from their families to serve their communities theway that our EMS family does.  To each ofyou that come to the training and EMS appreciation dinner I hope that you willleave with a renewed passion for serving your community and knowledge that willbenefit both you and the people that you meet in service to yourcommunity.  I cannot express how valuableyou are to the citizens of Marion County and how much I appreciate yourservice.  If not for you and the numerousothers that take an hour or a shift or a day or an evening or complete weekendwe would not be able to provide the service that we do. 

We continue to have a need for others committed to helping peopleand I need your help in reaching those people. Any and all references to others that you feel would be willing to servewould be appreciated.  Thanks again foreveryone who serves and makes this county a caring community.


EMR’s, EMT’s, AEMT’s and PARAMEDICS have all worked very hard tokeep their certifications up to date and now it is up to us to keep those newskills sharp.  You know the old sayingthat you either use it or lose it; weeeelllllll the Kansas Board of EMS issaying exactly that.  The new guidelinesfor Kansas Board of EMS is going to be more heavily focused on COMPETENCY basedtesting than ever before.  SOOOO we needto train you more with practical skills and hands on training now more thanever.  Get ready to get your hands dirtythis year and come play with us either at a training, crew meeting or in theclassroom with the AEMT class.

         WeHave Changed our EPCR reports from Image trend to EMS Charts.  Several members of Marion County EMS havealready been using these charts and like them a lot.  Jesse Brunner and Ron Mueller in Tampa willbe able to assist the Tampa crew with adjusting to the new reports and KarenLarsen will be able to help the Peabody crew. Marion and Hillsboro crews had some training at the crew meetings tohelp them last month and you can go to the website at to sign in and watch the traininginstructions to help you with all sorts of new tasks that we will be doing at alater date.  With this new program thecrew chiefs will be able to post a schedule for you to sign up for shifts andwe will be able to better track changes that are made when one person coversanother shift for them.  These featuresaren’t all going to be up and running right away. 

Your sign-in is your last and then first name, (smithsteven) insmall letters and your password is the same, (smithsteven).  The first time that you log in, you will beasked to reset your password which becomes permanent For ninety days unless youdecide to change it again. After ninety days you will be asked to change yourpassword and you can change it to (smithsteven01).  Then after ninety days it will ask you tochange it again and you can change it back to (smithsteven) and just rotateback and forth between the two!!!!  Itwill ask you a series of security questions for you to answer in case youforget your password.  You may go aheadat any time and log in to the system and click on Patient records.  This will take you to the page where you willcreate a new EPCR.  Please type in testin the run number box and play with the new run report.  You will find that this report has manyoptions for drop down lists and we can add almost anything into those lists tomake your report much easier for you to complete.  Defaults have been set in many of the boxesso that you only need to change what is not normal for your specificpatient.  I encourage you to play with itand give me input on anything that will make this an easy report for you andspeed up your documentation time.  Thisnew report will not allow for the Welch Ayllnto download automatically. The Zoll monitor will however download automaticallyinto the EPCR if you wish to use it instead. Maybe your first set of vitals on scene could be with the portable and you’reothers on the zoll after moving them into the unit.  Please try to attend the crew meetings inHillsboro and Marion this month if you would like some help with the runreport.  If you wish to bring a laptop tothe meeting you can do that. 

                                      March Birthdays:


Lester Kaiser Jr------------------------03/13









Thanks to each and every one of you for your dedication to your services and I look forward to the coming year knowing that once we finish the transition training we will be able to provide a better level of care to the residents of MARION COUNTY.