Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Marion County EMS

July Newsletter 2015


It's Hot out!!

The summer is in full swing and call time is getting harder and harder to fill because of vacations and people taking time off from their work. Please take call time where you can as we progress through the summer and people are trying to use up their vacation time before they lose it.

 Dave Cromwell and Karen Larsen are going to be speaking and answering questions about the AEMT MEDICATION LIST. This will be at the Marion City Building on July 11, 2015 from 9am-1pm. Bring questions and you will receive answers. For all Marion County EMS AEMT's and AEMT students this is mandatory. If you are unable to attend, please contact Brandy at 620-381-3560 to make other arrangements. 

 Marion County EMS is planning on having a EMR class this fall. Please spread the word. Anyone may call the EMS office for details.

Crew Captains- I am going to be contacting you to arrange a quarterly Marion County EMS crew captain meeting. I believe this is important and will be very helpful for all crew captains to meet and discuss common interests/goals.

Training officers: The KBEMS has become very focused on CEU hours and proper documentation. All CEU hours must be applied for and approved through the EMS office before they are taught in order for us to allow CEU hours approved by the KBEMS. Evaluations must be filled out for each person that attended. Agenda showing teaching subject and objectives need to be in my office at least 15 days prior to your teaching them. If you are unable to send them in the 15 day period, please call the office and explain the teaching material that you plan to cover and date, so that if someone needs extra hours I can forward the information on to others. A copy of your program must be attached to the roster and evaluations for the KBEMS to approve of those hours. If you need ideas for programs or copies of subject and objectives I have many that are preplanned in the office and you may check those out and return them as you need to. I strongly suggest that you come see me if you need help in doing this. It will make you job easier and mine also. If you are unable to teach for that month then you will not receive pay for that month!!!


 Please remember

EMS Notes are required to be left at the receiving hospital such as Newton, Wichita, Susan B. Allen, Newman, or any other hospital outside of Marion County. 

Getting signatures of patients has been better. Please keep up the great work. 


In other news:

I have placed all the dates and times of each Marion County EMS crew meeting on this website. Please feel free to come to any crew meeting for continued education/ credits.  This is July so please remember if you need CEU's, the year is going by fast.

Thank you to each and every single person that devotes time and energy for Marion County EMS. Without you all, this volunteer service wouldn't exist.

Have a great SUMMER!

Happy June Birthday the following:

Jana Nordquist 6-3

Angela Neufeld 6-14

Penny Coffman 6-14

Wendy McCarty 6-18

Delores Johnson 6-19

Larry Larsen 6-19

Gary Slater 6-26

Gene Winkler 6-30

Happy July Birthday to the following:

James Horinek 7-10