Sunday, December 21, 2014

Marion Co. EMS


   December Newsletter

Winter has arrived, Christmas is around the corner.  The New Year will be here before you blink an eye. 
Keep in mind that with the holidays and working in the EMS field it is very easy to become STRESSED!

Here are some helpful Stress RELIEVERS!!!

Be positive, positive talk makes you feel better as well as others. Negativity promotes stress! Practice Emergency Stress stoppers such as counting to 10 before you speak, take a deep breath, go for a walk, exercise routinely or hug a loved one or smile at a stranger.  Find pleasure in what makes you feel good. Visit with a friend, take up a hobby, read a good book, or even listen to your favorite music. Daily Relaxation is more than sitting in your chair watching TV; relaxation should calm the tension in your mind and body. This is hard to do, but try to take some time at least 10 minutes every day for yourself in a calm and quiet place.


This last month Dr. Dodson and I attended the Goessel and Florence crew meetings. We have found it to be very educational. Getting to know each of the crew members has been a delight. We have met a lot of caring and compassionate people that have shown us they have big heart for EMS.  In December we hope to get to visit Tampa as well as Peabody.

I mailed out letters to all the Marion Co. EMS volunteers asking for help with nominating an Advisory EMS Board of Directors.  Our plans are to have this board in place and active by January 2015. 

Five EMS volunteers are signed up for a Training Officer class through Cowley College. This program will start at the beginning of the year. 

A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who is helping teach the current EMT class. The students have started riding along with some crews. This is exciting and also a great way to learn!  Please keep encouraging all students on their pathway to becoming an EMT.

Marion Co. EMS is ahead by 10+ runs prior to last year’s count and we still have one more month to add to the counts.  I am BLESSED to be part of a WONDERFUL EMS TEAM!   I have received several verbal applications and multiple written notes from citizens, stating that they have received great care on our ambulances. 




Happy Birthday to the Following!

Lloyd Spence 12-3

Brendan Bailey & Karen Koehn 12-8

Norma Horinek 12-9

Stewart Koehn 12-18

Brandon Hurt 12-26

Mason McCarty 12-30


Here is a little FUNNY for stress relief:


Up to the Ambulance station

Reindeer pause,

Out jumps good EMT's & Santa Claus.

Down thru' the streets

with lots of Nebulizers and Nasal Canullas,

All for the needy ones,


Ho, Ho, Ho sirens go!

Ho, Ho, Ho!

EMS Would go!


Up at the patients home,

quick, quick, quick

Thru the doors

with EMT Saint Nick.

First the Blood pressure we would get.

Oh, dear EMS

Help me Please!

Give her an Aspirin

that makes her feel nice.

Putting her on the cot

and transporting her HOT!

Ho, Ho, Ho!



Once the Patient is transferred,

back to the Ambulance station,

to restock and start again.

Click, Click, Click

Taking care of Patients

is what we do 

with EMT Saint Nick.