Sunday, March 01, 2015


Senior Citizens of Marion County, Inc.

Serving Marion County 60+ Residents for over 50 years

         The Senior Citizens of Marion County, Inc. received a Ford Foundation grant on September 6, 1960 to start senior centers and aging service programs.





In 1974 the Nutrition Meal Program was added to four of the established Senior Centers.

  • In 1979 the Dept. for Elderly (now Dept on Aging) was set up to administrate Mill Levy funds among the eleven senior centers with the approval of a 12-Member Board and County Commissioners
  • Provide matching funds for the Senior Care Act Program administrated by North Central Flint Hills Area Agency on Aging.
  • This organization supports and encourages healthy independent living.


 2015 SCMC Board


                                                                      2015 Board Members: Twilla Baker, Ron Warkentin

                                                                      Connie Omstead (front row left to right)  Carole

                                                                      Spohn, Lila Unruh, Joyce Medley, Joyce Kyle, Dinah 

                                                                      Richmond, Barb Smith ( back row left to right) Not

                                                                       pictured: Betty Ireland                                



2015 Board of Directors

                                                         District 1                   District 2                            District 3

                                                              Twilla Baker-Lincolnville            Dinah Richmond-Peabody   

                                                Lila Unruh-Durham          Barb Smith -Marion              Betty Ireland-Florence 

                            Ron Warkentin-Hillsboro           Carole Spohn- Tampa                 Connie Omstead-Florence

                                               Joyce Medley-Durham                                                         Joyce Kyle-Burns          



     2015 Executive Committee

                         Lila Unruh- Board Chairman                                          -District 1   

                               Barb Smith-Vice Chairman                             Twilla Baker-District 2

                               Betty Ireland -Secretary/Treasurer                  Joyce Kyle-District 3


2014 SCMC Scholarship Recipient

Ty Simons

2014 Centre High School Graduate


                                                        2015 Board Meetings

  All Board meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. on the third Friday of the month at the below hosting Senior Center except for the Annual Meeting, which is held on the third Thursday in October. Click on town to view SCMC minutes from this meeting.

 Month        Date                         Senior Center

                              January         16---------------------Hillsboro

                              February        20---------------------Durham

                               March          20---------------------Peabody

                               April            17---------------------Tampa

                               May            15--------------------Marion

                               June            19----------------------Florence

                               July             17--------------------Hillsboro

                             August            21------------------- Burms

                          September           18------------------  Peabody

                           October            15      (Annual Meeting)     Marion

                          November           20---------------------Lincolnville

                          December           18---------------------Marion