Monday, March 30, 2020

KANSAS GOVERNOR LAURA KELLY'S EXECUTVE ORDER 20-16  Statewide "stay home" order unless performing an essential activity (read the order for details)

Information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the Marion County Health Department.


PUBLIC ATTENDANCE OF COUNTY COMMISSION MEETINGS BY TELECOMMUNICATION ONLY.  Pursuant to KS Governor Order 20-16, in-person attendance at the County Commission meetings will not be allowed at this time.  We encourage attendance by telecommunication which also allows public interaction.
To join the County Commission meetings from your computer, tablet or smartphone, go to or by phone dial 1-866-899-4679.  The access code is 639-484-901.

Please contact individual County offices directly for any questions or assistance.

Silver Haired Legislature




 Marion County Silver Haired Legislator

 Barbara Smith


     The Kansas Silver Haired Legislature (SHL) is a unicameral legislature composed of 125 representatives. All are over 60 and are elected from their county residence. The legislature provides an educational experience in the political process and provides an opportunity to identify priority concerns of Kansas senior citizens. The SHL develops bills and resolutions which are presented to the Kansas Legislature and the Governor as recommendations for state policy.


     The purpose of the Silver Haired Legislature is:

  • To Educate-Participation provides experience in the political process
  • To Inform-Actions of the SHL inform the public and the Kansas Legislature on concerns of the elderly
  • To Involve-The SHL provides over 412,000 seniors a way to become involved.


2018 SHL Resolutions

1. Support the expansion of Medicaid (Kancare) in Kansas.

2. Support and fund the KDOT rural public transportation program.

3. Fully fund all Kansas Public Employees Retirement System obligations, including the interest at 8 percent on the bonds passed two years ago.

4. Provide a cost of living adjustment for each retiree who is entitled to receive a retirement benefit from KPERS

5. Pass property tax relief for qualifying low-income senior citizens.

6. Support the repeal of the 2015 Property Tax Lid law that put limits on the spending of city and county governments.

7. Pass funding assistance for grandparents who become the legal caregivers and guardians of their grandchildren.

8. Strengthen the grandparents' rights law concerning child custody, visitation, and residency matters.

9. Pass a law concerning motor vehicle liability insurance coverage limits.