Thursday, December 18, 2014


Silver Haired Legislature


 Marion County Silver Haired Legislator



     The Kansas Silver Haired Legislature (SHL) is a unicameral legislature composed of 125 representatives. All are over 60 and are electedfrom their county residence. The legislature provides an educational experience in the political process and provides an opportunity to identify priority concerns of Kansas senior citizens. The SHL develops bills and resolutions which are presented to the Kansas Legilature and the Govenrnor as recommendations for state policy.


     The purpose of the Silver Haired Legislature is:

  • To Educate-Participation provides experience in the political process
  • To Inform-Actions of the SHL inform the public and the Kansas Legislature on concerns of the elderly
  • To Involve-The SHL provides over 412,000 seniors a way to become involved.

  2011 Kansas Silver Haired Legislature Bills and Resolutions:

    SHL Bill 2802-Enacting the geriatric mental health act; establishing a geriatirc mental health program administered by the Dept on Aging.

    SHL Bill 2803- Concerning the creating of the health care for seniors fund; disposition of certain additional tobacco litigation settlement proceeds.

    SHL Bill 2804- Using all monies credited to the Senior Services Fund or to the Health Care for Seniors Fund for programs administered through the Area Agencies on Aging.

   SHL Bill 2805- Enacting legislation requiring all newly manufactured multi passenger vehicles to be equipped seat belts for all passengers.

   SHL Resolution 2807-Urging the Kansas Legislature to study the elimination of certain sales tax exemptions and exclusions to organizations that do not provide services and benefits on a statewide basis.

   SHL Resolution 2808-An act relation to insurance-concerning the mandatory reinstatement of certain insurance policies in case of mental incapacity of an insured.

   SHL Bill 2809-Concerning the disposition of certain lottery proceeds for the Health Care for Seniors fund.

   SHL Bill 2810-Granparents' Custody of Children-The court would consider a grandparent to be a custodian of a child if the child resides with the grandparent in a stable relationship and it is in the child's best interest.

   SHL Resolution 2811-Urging the Kansas Legislature to fund an enhancement to the Home and Community Based SErvices/FRail Elderly (HCBS/FE) waiver to provide older adults with dental services.

    SHL Bill 2812-Concerning Payday loans

    SHL Resolution 2813-Urging the United States Congress to pass the Re-authorization of the Older Americans Act.

     SHL Bill 2814-Concerning the Kansas Optimizing Health Program.

     SHL Resolution 2816-Recommending primary care physicians be required to acquire additional training or education in the area of mental health before affirmatively diagnosing elderly Kansans with dementia, Alzheimer's or other memory-loss condition.