Sunday, April 05, 2020

KANSAS GOVERNOR LAURA KELLY'S EXECUTVE ORDER 20-16  Statewide "stay home" order unless performing an essential activity (read the order for details)

MARION COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT PRESS RELEASE:  2nd Confirmed Positive Case in Marion County

Information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the Marion County Health Department.


PUBLIC ATTENDANCE OF COUNTY COMMISSION MEETINGS BY TELECOMMUNICATION ONLY.  Pursuant to KS Governor Order 20-16, in-person attendance at the County Commission meetings will not be allowed at this time.  We encourage attendance by telecommunication which also allows public interaction.
To join the County Commission meetings from your computer, tablet or smartphone, go to or by phone dial 1-866-899-4679.  The access code is 639-484-901#.

Please contact individual County offices directly for any questions or assistance.


 Law Enforcement Agencies 

Marion County Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Robert Craft - 620-382-2144

Marion Police Department - Chief Josh Whitwell - 620-382-2651

Corps of engineers office, Marion Reservoir (Rangers) - 620-382-2101

Hillsboro Police Department - Chief Dan Kinning - 620-947-3440

Peabody Police Department - Chief Bruce Burke - 620-983-2133

Florence Police Department - Chief Conroy Miller - 620-878-2545

Goessel Police Department - Chief Joe Base - 620-367-4803

Burns Police Department - Chief Mike Miller - 620-726-5646

Kansas Highway Patrol - 785-827-4437


Utility Companies (To Report Power Outages)

Please Do Not Call 911 or Emergency Communications
To Report Power Outages - Call Your Electric Company

Westar Energy - 800-544-4857 (1-800 LightKs)

Flint Hills RECA - 620-767-5144

Eagle Communications - 877-625-9901

Atmos Energy - 800-662-6185

SBC Repair Services - 800-246-8464

City of Marion Electric Department Notification # - 382-6670

City of Hillsboro Electric Department Notification # - 947-3077 OR 947-1603

City of Florence Electric Department Notification # - 382-5723

City of Florence Trash Pick Up - 620-878-4296 

Railroads (Crossing Malfunctions etc.)

Burlington Nothern ans Santa Fe - 800-832-5452
Union Pacific - 800-848-8715