Monday, May 28, 2018


Know what to look for...Environmental clues

  • dark, often greenish sky
  • wall cloud- A wall cloud, or pedestal cloud, is a cloud formation associated with thunderstorms. It is a marked lowering typically beneath the rain-free base (RFB) portion of a deep cumulus cloud.  Most strong tornadoes form within wall clouds.
  • large hail-
  • Pea          0.25"
  • Dime         0.75"
  • Quarter      1.00"
  • Golf Ball    1.75"
  • Tennis Ball  2.50"
  • Base Ball    2.75"
  • Grapefruit   4.00"
  • Giant        4.00+
  • loud roar, similar to a freight train
  • some tornadoes appear as a visible funnel extending only partially to the ground
  • some tornadoes are clearly visible while others are obscured by rain or nearby low-hanging clouds.