Monday, January 20, 2020

On September 11, 2001 life as we knew it dramatically changed!  The tragedy that took place that day has affected our way of thinking forever.  The Marion County Health Department plays an important part in the public health and safety system during a crisis.

Because our number one goal is the importance of protecting our residents, clients, and staff, we have worked with other local public health and county officials to put together a Bioterrorism Plan.  The Health Department’s plan for preventing illness and exposure from a Bioterrorism attack is dependent on early detection and protective interventions of suspect persons.  Our response plan addresses steps in surveillance, prevention and control of biological agents starting with containment and decontamination.

I am pleased that our Bioterrorism on the public’s mind, we have included information on various topics of Bioterrorism on our web site in the hope of addressing the variety of questions that have arisen.

We are hopeful that by using the web site on Bioterrorism, you will have some of the latest information available for you and your concerned family members.  Please visit our web site and click on the information you are interest in regarding Bioterrorism.