Monday, March 30, 2020

KANSAS GOVERNOR LAURA KELLY'S EXECUTVE ORDER 20-16  Statewide "stay home" order unless performing an essential activity (read the order for details)

Information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the Marion County Health Department.


PUBLIC ATTENDANCE OF COUNTY COMMISSION MEETINGS BY TELECOMMUNICATION ONLY.  Pursuant to KS Governor Order 20-16, in-person attendance at the County Commission meetings will not be allowed at this time.  We encourage attendance by telecommunication which also allows public interaction.
To join the County Commission meetings from your computer, tablet or smartphone, go to or by phone dial 1-866-899-4679.  The access code is 639-484-901.

Please contact individual County offices directly for any questions or assistance.

Smallpox (Variola Major)


  • Highly infectious after aerosolization
  • Person-to-person transmission can occur via droplet nuclei or aerosols expelled from the oropharynx and by direct contact.
  • Contaminated clothing or bed linens can also spread the virus
  • About 30% of susceptible contacts will become infected


  • Incubation period is 12-14 days (ranges 7-17 days)
  • Characteristic rash appears 2-3 days after nonspecific flu-like prodrome (fever and eadache)
  • Maculopapular rash begins on mucosa of mouth and pharynx, face, hands, forearms, and spread to legs and centrally to trunk; lesions are more predominate on the face and extremities than on the trunk.
  • Lesions progress synchronously on any given part of the body from macules to papules to vesicles to pustules to crusty scabs

Laboratory Diagnosis:

  • Mask and gloves should be worn by person obtaining specimen, preferably a person who has been recently vaccinated
  • Vesicular fluid is obtained by opening lesions with the blunt edge of a scalpel, harvesting fluid with a cotton swab; scabs can be removed by forceps. swabs and scabs should be placed in a vacutainer, sealed with tape. and placed in a second, durable, watertight
  • container
  • Laboratory specimens must be handled in a bio-safety level 4 facility (e.g. cdc) and will be evaluated with electron microscopy and cell culture.

Patient Isolation:

  • Airborne isolation in a negative pressure room using N-95 respirator mask from onset of rash until all scabs separate
  • Laundry and waste should be autoclaved before laundered or incinerated


  • Supportive care is the mainstay of therapy
  • In-vitro antiviral activity against poxviruses has been shown with adefovir, idofovir,dipivoxil, and ribavirin (animal studies suggest that cidofovir may be most effective)


  • Smallpox vaccine would be required for all persons exposed at the time of the bioterrorist attack or anyone with close personal contact with a smallpox case
  • Vaccine is most effective if given before or within 3 days of exposure
  • Ideally, all exposed persons should be placed in strict quarantine for 17 days after last contact with a smallpox case