Tuesday, February 09, 2016

County Election Officer
Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Voter Registration Site
  • Maintain Registration Database
  • Verify Registration Validity
  • Generate Registration List and Reports
  • Accept Filings for Public Office
  • Prepare Newspaper Publications for Elections
  • Assist With Selection of Election Board Workers
  • Prepare Ballots
  • Make Available Advance Voting for Voters
  • Prepare Results and Provisional Ballots for County Board of Canvassers
  • Certify Election Results to the Public and Secretary of State
  • Prepare Certificate of Nomination and Certificate of Election Forms
  • Record All Election Results in Permanent Record


Do you live in the City of
Burns, Hillsboro, or Marion?

City Council members are up for election this Spring.

If you would like your name on the ballot,
print the Candidate Filing Packet and get started!

Call the County Clerk's office for more information.