Sunday, February 18, 2018

Driver's License Department

The Marion County Treasurer's Office is the office that renews regular driver's licenses and does out-of-state changes to Kansas driver's licenses, ID card renewals, duplicates, and address changes Tuesdays through Fridays. Driver's Education. Our office provides these services from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

When you apply for a driver's license, you will be asked if you want to be an organ donor and if you want to register to vote.

License and ID Card Fee Chart
(Price includes a $3.00 County Service Fee)
Renewals License Fee 4 Year License Fee 6 Year
Class C $23.00 $29.00
Class M 9.00 12.50
Class CM 32.00          41.50
Class A/B 27.00 35.00
Class A/BM 36.00 47.50
Identification Cards

Total: $25.00

Over 65 Total: $21.00
Handicapped Total: $21.00


A Social Security Number is required, however it will not be used as your driver license or ID card number. If a Social Security Number cannot be provided, documentation from list B proving lawful presence and a signed affidavit will be required. All documents presented must be the original or a certified copy; no photocopies will be accepted. In addition to a verifiable Social Security Number, two of the following documents must be presented. One document must be from list A, and the second document must be from list A, B, C or D. If a valid photo Driver’s License (DL) issued by another state is used, a second document from list A, B, C or D will be required. Applicants presenting foreign documents must provide proof of lawful presence from list B, and a second document from lists C or D, and proof of residency is required.