Environmental Health

Duties and Responsibilities of the Sanitation/Environmental Health Department are to provide enforcement of public health laws, regulations, and environmental codes; provide consultation and permits for water wells and sewage disposal; investigation of public health complaints and records maintenance.

Functions include:

Water Screening: The Marion County Environmental Health Dept. offers water screening for private water supplies. The water screen includes:  nitrates, coliform bacterial & E.coli bacteria. The cost for a water screen is $20.00.

Field Inspections: The Marion County Environmental Health Dept. can conduct field inspections of private water supply and wastewater systems for real estate purchase purposes. Field inspections evaluate health risks and violations of current state and/or local regulations.  The cost of a field inspection is $100.00 (or $50.00 each), $20.00 for re-inspection trip.


Floodplain Mapping

To view draft data, click this link and zoom in to area of interest: https://gis2.kda.ks.gov/gis/upper_cottonwood/

Invitation Letter