Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Please call 620-382-2144.
Please do not use 911 to call in Controlled Burns.
The Rangeland Fire Danger Rating may vary throughout the day as weather conditions change.

Check with local authorities at 620-382-2144 to ensure burning is allowed before starting a planned burn.


Agricultural burning- defined as open burning of vegetation such as grass, woody species, crop residue, and other dry plant growth for the purpose of crop, range, pasture, wildlife or watershed management, shall be conducted under the following conditions:

  • When the prevailing wind speed is at 20 m.p.h. or below.  This shall be sustained wind speed and not wind gusts.  If the projected sustained wind speed within 4 hours of the time of proposed burn is 21 m.p.h. or above, the request to burn will be denied.
  • The burn shall be supervised from the time the fire is started until it is extinguished and reasonable means are available to control or contain the fire.
  • A person shall not conduct a burn that creates a traffic safety hazard. If conditions exist that may result in smoke blowing toward a public roadway, the person conducting the burn shall give adequate notification to the Sheriff’s Office, Highway Patrol  or other appropriate state or local traffic control authorities before burning.
  • A person shall not conduct a burn that creates an airport safety hazard.  If smoke may affect visibility at an airport, the person conducting the burn shall give adequate notification to the appropriate airport authorities before burning.
  • When the person conducting the burn has first met the Sheriff notification requirements of Section 2 hereof.
  • When the local authorities have not imposed a burning ban.

Before commencing any burn, the person conducting the burn shall do all of the following:

  • Sometime within five days before the burn, notify all persons residing within one-half mile of the property proposed for burning of the intent to burn.
  • Notify the Marion County Emergency Communications Center (620-382-2144) of the intent to burn, what is being burned, the location proposed to be burned and the estimated length of time of the proposed burn.

  • The Marion County Emergency Communications Center, upon receipt of the telephone notice of intended burn, shall advise whether a burn ban is in place. If  the burning is approved the Communications Center will notify the appropriate fire district of controlled burn.

Violation of the burning resolution by any person conducting a burn is a misdemeanor punishable by the penalties set forth generally for Class C misdemeanor under the laws of the State of Kansas

All businesses have to have a KDHE permit prior to burning.

Marion County Burn Ban Regulations Resolution and information pamphlet from KDHE.


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