Monday, May 28, 2018

Flood Repair



1. Watch out for the symptoms of anxiety, depression and fatigue. Pay attention to warning signs that your body is giving you. Recovery can be long, hard and chaotic. Listen to other people when they notice signs of stress in you or family members. Seek professional help if needed. Contact the Red Cross for available programs in your area.

Warning Signs of Stress:

  • Short tempers, frequent arguments
  • Greater consumption of alcohol
  • Smoking more
  • Insomnia, nightmares
  • Aches,pains and stomach problems
  • Apathy, trouble concentrating
  • Depression

2. Keep the family together to provide mutual support for all members.

3. Discuss your problems with family and friends. Crying is a natural response and a great way to release pent-up emotions.

4. Rest often. Eat healthy. You need a strong body to cope with stress and possible health problems. Don't overdo activity. You must have proper rest. Wash your hands throughly and often with soap and water. Avoid biting your nails. Confirm that water is safe to drink. Don't wash dishes in water unless you know that it is safe. Disinfect dishes and all items that floodwater has touched.

5. Don't over-schedule yourself. You can't do everything at once. Make a schedule for clean-up and repair. Do the jobs one at a time. When your body is tired, you are more prone to accidents.

6. Don hurt yourself. Items are heavier when wet. Be careful of trying to move heavy objects by yourself.

7. Report any health hazards to your local Health Department. These can include animal carcasses, rats, dangerous chemicals etc.