Property Appeal Information

Helpful Hints

Appealing the valuation of your property?

Here are some items that will assist your appeal of the value placed on your property by the County Appraiser’s office.

  1. Recent appraisal – if the home was recently purchased (within the last three years).
  2. Purchase Contract – if home is a recent purchase (within the last three years).
  3. Dated pictures of property damage.
  4. Information on properties in your area, which are similar to yours that have recently sold (within the last three years).
  5. Information on properties in your area similar to yours that are on the market to be sold right now.
  6. If the property is a commercial venture, or produces an income – Income and expense information.
  7. If the property is newly built – cost to construct.
Regarding Agricultural Land:

Please keep in mind that your County Appraiser does not determine the Ag use value for Agricultural land. Therefore, the county is not at liberty to change the value, unless there is a discrepancy in the actual use.

Regarding Taxes:

Another area of concern for all property owners are taxes. The County Appraiser and staff do not develop tax statements, figure your taxes, or produce mill levies. If taxes are your reason for requesting a hearing, please keep in mind that the Appraiser’s office CANNOT lower a value based on an increase in taxes, our responsibility is to achieve fair market value of your property which is mandated by Kansas statutes.

Our staff wants to assist you with the hearing process by making any values for properties within the county accessible to you. You may view this information between 8:00-5:00, Monday thru Friday in our office. Also available is a public access terminal located outside our office and a table has been set up that has reports of the county’s property values available as well as recent sales information.